Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter miracles or Happy coming holidays!

Dear friends, I wish Merry Christmas to those who will celebrate it on December 25! May your kindest dreams come true. Love and be loved, what can be more important? And the same warmest wishes to those who are getting ready for New Year celebration. Have joyful and bright holidays!

To make them brighter let me show you my new festive Tilda toys :) Hope, you will like them.

Photo: Sharif Adiyatullin
Decoration: Irina Burkova
Tilda toys: Olga Rebko (Buslik.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Coming Halloween!

We don't celebrate Halloween in Russia, but we know much about this holiday and many crafters just adore all sorts of Halloween patterns and characters. I like witches :) If I were to choose which fairy tale character to be, I would choose to become a witch. So far I am going to show you two things that were made for Halloween occasion for my friends who celebrate it :)

A witch's cookies box with an embroidered cover. Design according to Primitive Hare's free patterns

"Kitchen is the witches lab"

And here's the with herself! Her name's Brigitta, she loves beer and The Hedgehog Song :) 

The broom is for flying!

BOOO!!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Seaside Dreams

Summertime and I continue dreaming of a short vacation at the seaside. Well, not this year… Anyway, if I can’t go to the sea, let it come to me! This Tilda-doll and her pet whale is the beginning of my “Seaside Dreams” series of works. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching my creations as much as I enjoy making all this stuff. : )

Sometimes all you need to sail away is a pet whale!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tea with an Elephant

Winter holidays are over, it’s time to come back to my daily routine. For instance, drink some tea with an elephant. I should tell that miracles did not leave me with the end of the festive season. So, one bright winter morning I found myself sewing something (or somebody?) with big ears! And in a few hours I could introduce my friends to a cute little girl-elephant Sonya. 

She entered my life all of a sudden as only good friends can do. And asked for a tea at once. “We, elephants, just adore fresh strong tea!” – she said. And I went to the kitchen. Yes, it would be nice to have a good 5 o’clock!

Meanwhile Sonya explored her new dwelling. She turned out a curious and restless little thing. Always ready to pop her long nose into every corner, Sonya examined the contents of my jewelry box. She liked my pink pearls best of all. So, I had to turn her attention away of my treasures by pouring her some good Indian tea.  

Well, I think, my little guest likes my small workshop very much and is going to stay here for some  more time, until she finds a new home and new friends who are ready to pamper her with good tea and play with her.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seaside memories

I have never been to the seaside. Though I have always wanted to. And when I make sea shells, dolls in bathing suits or cross-stitch pictures with sea landscapes, I feel closer to my dream. Or, better, my dream becomes closer to me J They are my own memories of the place that I have never seen, if I may call them so J

This time let me show you one of my embroidered pictures devoted to the sea. It’s a DMC design, part of their “Collection d’Art” series. I believe, it’s the end of a nice and warm day at the seaside. Though many people told me they saw a sunrise there!

The color choice may seem quite strange until you make the first stitches. In a while you will see that the colors you would never combine look great and make the design more true-to-life. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Stella di Mare or a Tale in Blue

To begin with I want to show you my latest finished work – a Tilda style doll called Stella di Mare. She appeared out of  pieces of cotton and satin cloth plus a bit of my blue mood, dreams to spend a vacation at the Mediterranean and good old blues songs. So, here is my Stella di Mare and her small tale.

A Tale in Blue
It was a nasty winter day. One of many nasty winter days in Stella’s life. She was sitting all alone in her small room in the attics. She hated being bored. Not to feel cold and sad she began to recall her summer vacation: the blue sea, nights under dark-blue sky, people playing frisbee and their dogs. They all seemed blue because of the clear twilight. She remembered pretty blue starfish thrown at the shore by a storm the day before.

Stella looked through her window, blue snow-drifts brightly glittered in the light of blue street lamps. Blue people hurried home to rest from their blue daily routine. She sat on a windowsill and began to draw blue stars on her blue frozen window.