Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seaside memories

I have never been to the seaside. Though I have always wanted to. And when I make sea shells, dolls in bathing suits or cross-stitch pictures with sea landscapes, I feel closer to my dream. Or, better, my dream becomes closer to me J They are my own memories of the place that I have never seen, if I may call them so J

This time let me show you one of my embroidered pictures devoted to the sea. It’s a DMC design, part of their “Collection d’Art” series. I believe, it’s the end of a nice and warm day at the seaside. Though many people told me they saw a sunrise there!

The color choice may seem quite strange until you make the first stitches. In a while you will see that the colors you would never combine look great and make the design more true-to-life. 

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