Friday, August 24, 2012

Stella di Mare or a Tale in Blue

To begin with I want to show you my latest finished work – a Tilda style doll called Stella di Mare. She appeared out of  pieces of cotton and satin cloth plus a bit of my blue mood, dreams to spend a vacation at the Mediterranean and good old blues songs. So, here is my Stella di Mare and her small tale.

A Tale in Blue
It was a nasty winter day. One of many nasty winter days in Stella’s life. She was sitting all alone in her small room in the attics. She hated being bored. Not to feel cold and sad she began to recall her summer vacation: the blue sea, nights under dark-blue sky, people playing frisbee and their dogs. They all seemed blue because of the clear twilight. She remembered pretty blue starfish thrown at the shore by a storm the day before.

Stella looked through her window, blue snow-drifts brightly glittered in the light of blue street lamps. Blue people hurried home to rest from their blue daily routine. She sat on a windowsill and began to draw blue stars on her blue frozen window.

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